The project Community Organising LAB – coLAB is a framework for cooperation between 4 (+1) organizations each from one country from the V4 region. This cooperation (or colLABoration) is happening on several layers with several outcomes. 

The aim of the project coLAB is to create a Tool-Box for trainers and community organisers based on the CO methodology combined with the principles of Teal Management (described by Frederic Laloux).

Four main topics in coLAB:

Community Organising

Teal Management

Authentic Communication

Leadership Development

The project coLAB is composed from two big parts: 

1) During the first 6 months of the project there is an online training course combined with personal mentoring and dozens of hours of practice for new community organisers from each organisation.

2) Second part of the project is about implementing the CO methodology and Teal Management principles within the organisations.

By recording, reflecting and evaluating this two parts we will create an online Tool-Box for the future trainings of organisers and other organisations to learn about CO and Teal Management.

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